Help us celebrate Madeline's 100th birthday!

In her 100 years, my Aunt Mad has traveled to about 100 countries... it's hard to be precise because some are "under new management." We'll be posting quite a few photos of her and places she has visited. You can post a guess for where each photo was taken, post a comment or greeting to her, and even submit your own photo "retaken" in the same place Madeline was in.

As of the evening of Madeline's 100th birthday, September 10, 2014, the site is open and live. However, we will continue to add things over at least the next year... so you might want to check back every now and then.

Show Me The Photos!

Ok; here are a bunch of photos of her in various places. The first one is her at her 100th birthday party, but we're not going to tell you where the rest were taken: that's for you to guess. We'll soon be posting a much larger set of photos that don't have her in them, but that also were taken on her trips by her husband, Gordon.

In Madeline's Lifetime...

We all know 100 years is a long time, but it's interesting to think about how long that really is....

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Celebrating Madeline's first 100 years and the places she's been....